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Reviewing MRI

Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Wind's treatment philosophy is centered on treating patients with the least invasive treatment options that are likely to achieve their goals - be it pain relief, restoring function, or treating tumors in the nervous system.  In many cases, the least invasive options are conservative, nonsurgical options. Dr. Wind can help patients evaluate these nonoperative options and coordinate with other healthcare professionals - such as physical therapists and pain management physicians.

When there is a role for surgery, mostly in cases where nonoperative treatments have not had enough or lasting effect, then the goal is to come up with surgical options that will address the patient's goals and desires.  Dr. Wind uses the techniques of minimally invasive surgery in brain and spine surgery as well as motion preserving spine surgery to achieve these goals in ways that are impactful on symptoms, but less impactful on the way the body has to heal and recover.  These techniques lead to shorter recoveries and hospital stays (in some cases where you are able to return home the same day). decreased rates of infections, and other benefits.  

Dr. Wind leverages all of the latest technological advances to achieve this goal of maximal impact with minimally invasive surgeries.  These advances include image guided navigation in brain and spine surgery, pre-operative planning with artificial intelligence (AI) analytics and predictive modeling, patient specific custom implants, robotic spine surgery, microscopic spine surgery and endoscopic techniques for pituitary tumor surgery.  

Dr. Wind performing minimally invasive spine surgery
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