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R. H., 44

"I received disk replacement between my C6/7 vertebrae.  I was having continuous pain in my shoulders, hands and neck.  Dr. Wind talked about the options I had to chose from to resolve my issue: replacement or fusion.  I chose the disk replacement.  Seven weeks later I feel great.  The numbness and tingling in my hand has subsided, and my neck has no more pain."

M.S., 55

"Took his time listening and then explaining in detail my condition and what choices i have to remedy it. In my opinion the most important thing when seeing a doctor is how relaxed you feel after the visit, i can say i felt satisfied and convinced that i will be in great hands with Dr. Wind."

W.D., 72

"The best solution performed by Dr. Wind is OutStanding! Not possible to over-state his competence and follow-up care. The TLIF surgery restored my quality of life!"

M.M., 53

"Dr. Wind is my savior. I arrived at the emergency room with an unbearable pain that prevented me from walking. Dr. Wind performed the surgery— minimally invasive— to remove a very large piece of disc that was causing all the pain. In spite of the urgency of the matter, Dr. Wind took the time to explain everything in a candid and warm way. He transmits a lot of confidence, and positivity which helped me be in the best mood ti go through such a delicate surgery. He understood my pain and made me feel I was being listened to. During the visit after the surgery he showed me through the imaging what he had done and the next steps I should take. Dr. Wind also referred me to one of the best physical therapy doctors— Dr. Haim Hechtman. I could not be more grateful."

D.M., 53

"Dr. Wind is superb on every level. He performed a spinal fusion on me in December 2015. I dreaded it, but it had to be done so I could return to my normal, very physically active life. He promised me in the begin of the journey that he would get me back to my norm, and 1 year later, after following everything he told me to do, I am "back!" Dr. Wind was always there when I needed him. He returned my many calls to him promptly, and worked alongside me during my road to recovery. FIVE STARS!!"

D.M., 69

"Dr. Wind is a first class MD. His description of the "issues" that I had in my lower back were technical but at a layman's level of understanding. Ever ready to respond to my questions, each one was dealt with in a manner that reduced my overall stress level. During follow up appointments, we went through any/all documentation the preceded surgery to what I should expect post surgery and the recovery process."
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