The human spine is extraordinarily complex, and spine problems affect the majority of us as we age. Check out my blog to learn more about spine conditions and how we treat them.

Dr. Wind is a neurosurgeon, specializing in general neurosurgery. He has expertise and interest in minimally invasive surgery of the spine, as well as spinal and cranial neuro-oncology. Click here to read his bio and learn more about Dr. Wind..

Dr. Wind is a neurosurgeon at Washington Neurosurgical Associates. Click here to visit his practice's website and learn more about him and other physicians in his group.

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What is Image Guided Surgery, and how does it help me?

One of the newest technologies being added to the operating room for spinal surgery is Image Guided (or Navigated) Surgery.  While it sounds fancy, the concept of using imaging in the operating room to perform surgery seems pretty standard, and even required.  Initially surgery was performed with visual cues,…